Sorry it’s been a long time to update but we have been busy at Velocoach NE  helping riders prepare for Time Trials, Sportives, Road Races and plan and support the off season for cyclocross riders. So while we’ve been doing that there’s not a lot of time to post regular updates on all the success we have been part of. But I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some stats and key elements of what it takes to break new Pb’s , set records and win races.

Velcoachne Coached riders have the following shared charecteristcs by design of the personal programmes and support we give. 

Consistant, Quality Training with well placed rest and recovery. 

On average riders working fulltime with other commitments like family etc have produced great improvements, broke records , smashed pb’s  on 

Low volume 6-8 hrs a week of training 

High volume (national level) 8-15 hrs a week of training 

But the big takeaway we like to point out is that consistency in training is the underlying key to the success. The riders who have been the most consistant in their training have had the best results. If your training is not that structured , you get sick often and it disrupts your training or if you travel lots for work or work long hours/ shift work are some examples of possible disruption to keeping training consistant. So how do you make sure your preparations and training are consistant? 

  • Obvious plug but having a team like Velocoach NE helping is one option
  • Set goals 
  • Recovery is key. It’s ok to have time off the bike but time it right
  • Quality focused training when you train
  • Identify weakness and work on it

 These are some examples above but will give you some food for thought if your wondering what it takes to make that next pb. It’s not rocket science and while we have used tools to help like software, Power meters HR this is only one small part of the picture. 
So remember get the consistency right first and the results and goals will follow. Until next time good luck.

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